Juan Wang


Born 1990 in Hunan Province, China, Juan is a 2014 BA Fine Art graduate from Huaqiao University, Fujian Province, China. She lives and works in Taiping, Malaysia.

Juan’s early upbringing in a remote part of Hunan Province, China, was deeply influenced by the basic existence led by her family and other local communities. Though the Cultural Revolution had been over for many years, fundamental struggles remained in everyday life. Of the good things, she fondly remembers the jackets and trousers worn by everyone she came across, often patched because of wear and tear. The patterns and shapes seemed like rays of hope disguising the tough realities of day-to-day existence.

Taiping, where she now lives, is a place oozing with vibrancy and colour, not only from the local surroundings, but the from the jungle as well. These visual sensations have helped swell the tones and hues of her palette as she continues to explore a sense of identity and place through the medium of stitching and sewing onto canvas.

Juan's work is included in private collections in the UK, Europe, China and Malaysia.

Prices range from £900 - £2,500



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