Julio Brujis


Julio is an MA graduate & Fellow in Digital Technology from the Royal Academy Schools, London.

His large-scale format photographs are an amalgam of elements taken from hundredes of images shot around a single subject. The retained detail is combined to create a single illusory picture that is at once both romantic and luxurious. With direct references to painting, we are asked to question the way in which we traditionally view the two dimensional landscape and to contemplate a multi-horizonal panorama. Chosen subject matter is gathered from project travels around the world with each photograph being produced in a short run limited edition. 

As well as numerous private collections, Julio's work is held by:
Ernst & Young, London
GAM, London
Montrica Investment Management, London
Paul Smith Ltd, London
Petro-Canada, London
Wedlake Bell, London

Prices for Julio's photographs range from £1,000 to £3,500. For availability, please contact us.



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