His paintings explore particular social experiments, which, for better or worse, are now usually considered to be over and discredited. They are concerned with the disillusioned who choose alternative lifestyles over the mainstream. Honyockers, preppers, hippies and end-of-the-worlders; all attracted by the promise of a different paradise. Using romanticised and halcyon imagery, it seems impossible for the viewer to believe that the endeavours of these collectives could be vilified or end in failure.

'I am fascinated in the distinct and remarkable forms of utopian social concepts from the past, which offered equal status and responsibility, and a real alternative to the contemporary society: the 1970's hippy communes in the western United States; the English communitarian 'digger' projects'; and the Soviet social experiment. I am interested in the motivation behind them (whether they were born more from optimism or pessimism), the reasons for their failure and their relevance as contemporary potential futures. The drawn paint represents the last possible scratching out of hopes and aspirations when all else around us falls away… the brush and pigment and liquid line as capable of delineating form and possibility. As the characters dig and toil the painted line attempts to draw back through Daumier, Van Gogh and Turner, through technicolour tinting to a past potential future'.

In 2019, a substantial mid-career survey of the the artist’s work was staged by Vento & Associati at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

Collections include:
Yale Centre for British Art, Connecticut
Yantai Art Museum, China
Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, China
The Tom and Chai Hall Collection
The Madison Museum of Fine Art, Georgia
The Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
The Priseman / Seabrook Collection
The Devereux Collection
The Lesmes Collection
The David Roberts Collection
The University of the Arts Collection

Prices for Greg's work range from £600 - £12,000. For availability, please contact us

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