His main source of inspiration are the experiences of his native Scotland and his regular travels around the world, particularly to the Far East. He passes through life as an observer, absorbing different cultures, traditions and ideas, separating out 'the good bits' from 'the bad', then bringing together what he wants to keep. The result is a different way of looking at things, a combining of cultures, of East and of West. He throws all of this at us through his work.

Hock-Aun's painting shows a marrying of the spontaneity and expressive freedom found in the most highly prized of T'ang calligraphic masters to the colours and high-tech materials of modern western art. Teh's work is often classified in the West as abstract expressionism. But if it is, it's abstract expressionism with a considerable difference. For though born in Malaysia and working in Glasgow, he is by background and upbringing essentially Chinese and was carefully schooled in calligraphy. What Teh is after is a harnessing into precise tandem of both physical and emotional energy, so that he can communicate the essence of an experience in a moment, in which feeling and memory, sight, sound, smell and touch all play a part. For Teh brings into his paintings a kind of self expression. He uses, as he puts it, his whole body in what he does, and often works, as his calligraphic forebears did, very fast: channeling the force of feeling and memory, like an athelete, into a fresh expression of itself, onto the canvas or paper in front of him.

Public Collections include:
The National Art Gallery of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress, Beijing
The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock Art Gallery & Museum
Edinburgh City Arts Centre, Edinburgh 
Scottish Arts Council
The Bulgarian National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia

In recent years, Hock-Aun has begun to include sculpture in his practice. This has resulted in a number of large-scale public commissions in mainland China, including a piece for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a 17.2m painted steel structure for Yantai Universal in Yantai (2010), a 4m bronze for the City of Tonglin (2013) and an 8m painted sculpture for The City of Chang Chun (2019).

Prices for Hock-Aun's work range from £1,500 - £20,000. For availability, please contact us.

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