Marilyn Hallam
Indian Summer
July 6th - August 18th, 2020


I began working as an art advisor almost four years ago, following twenty years as an artist and lecturer. I have loved the work. Whether it be dealing with galleries or individual artists, spending days looking at the best contemporary art has been a pleasure, but the clichéd dream is to walk into the studio of an overlooked artist and discover a treasure trove of work.

A few months ago, I saw the work of Marilyn Hallam in a group show, and since the lockdown lifted a little, I have managed to spend a few incredible days in Marilyn’s studio in Deptford. As a painter, I have a particular fascination with her process, palette and the variety of marks. I was blown away by the inventiveness and quality of the work. They are incredibly fresh and yet evidence the slow, thoughtful construction of their making. Marilyn Hallam may not be unknown, but she is very much undervalued. These paintings, spanning nearly forty years, are amazingly contemporary.


Indian Summer
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