Marilyn Hallam
Indian Summer
July 6th - August 18th, 2020

Artist recommendations are a good way to discover talent and Greg Rook’s championing of Marilyn Hallam is no exception, offering a reassessment of her work which is long overdue. With Greg’s help, the gallery is delighted to present a series of exquisite paintings from the last forty years.

At first glance, Hallam’s choice of subject matter might seem ordinary, even mundane - traditional depictions of the domestic interior and inside outside. But, take a closer look and it becomes clear that the motif is just a starting point. Marilyn’s process is deeply structured and influenced by drawing. It is concerned with the careful handling of a framed space that absorbs rich glowing colours, light and atmosphere. There is an immediate intimacy that encourages the viewer to go beyond a simple pictorial reaction, encouraging observation and reminiscence that is entirely personal.

Indian Summer
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