Vivienne Foley
Flower Form Photographs
September 10 - October 30, 2020

Over the years Vivienne has established a significant international reputation for her complex porcelain structures. Less well known is her long held interest in photography. Whether in clay or camera, creating a sense of the organic has always been her goal.

Using photography as a source for ceramic inspiration, she often pairs exotic flowers with new work from the kiln. The use of delicate, living materials juxtaposed with hard fired clay allows Vivienne to explore the living nature of two opposites and to distil thoughts and ideas for future works.

'My flower form photography has developed over the years and plays into my ideas and the challenges that working with clay presents. Taken as square format colour transparencies on a Mamia twin lens camera in natural studio light, I used plant material to confront the texture and form of my sculptural porcelain'

These limited edition photographic prints are beautifully elegant images where hard and soft are combined into a single composition. Produced in editions of 15, these twelve photographs are exhibited for the first time.

Framing available by request.
Examples of Vivienne's ceramics can be viewed here.

Flower Form Photographs
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