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Escaping Modernity
The Practice of Greg Rook

For many people, the idea of leaving home and starting a new life somewhere else can be a dream. Some make that ambition a reality, uprooting their lives and venturing to far-away places. People might leave home because they are seeking their fortune or a better life; they might be looking to avoid persecution or worse. Leaving home is not, however, always a question of wanting or needing to live somewhere different - it might equally be a matter of choosing to live life differently, of people wanting to change their daily existence in profound or fundamental ways, and perhaps, in the process, to change themselves or Society itself. The practice of British artist Greg Rook invites us to consider a complex and compelling array of ideas relating to the themes of emigration,  exodus  and exile, about how people transform their lives or establish eritirely new ones, and especially,  how people  across time, geographies, cultures, ideologies and contexts have tried, and continue, to explore alternative ways of living.

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