Japanese ceramicist Yuta Segawa plays with scale and colour in the production of his miniature glazed stoneware, terracotta and porcelain pots. Soil, though difficult to control on the wheel, is another source material that produces singular textures. His skills have been developed in the Far East and the UK, where he now lives and has a studio. He combines an Eastern ceramic tradition with the influence of Scandinavian artists who specialise in miniature. Wilhelm Kage, Stig Lindberg, Berndt Friberg, Gunnar Nylund, and Carl Harry Stalhanem have all made a big impression. Each unique vessel is hand-thrown with extraordinary attention to detail, structure and surface. He constantly experiments with finishes and has developed over five hundred different glazes of his own.

‘Miniature pottery defines the relationship between a makers physicality and the finished work. It is a challenge to test the limits of what a human can produce on such a small scale.’

Each pot in this group is less than 5 inches tall. There is an intimate charm displayed by these objects that are so tiny and devoid of function. They are extremely affordable, costing less than £100 for each unique piece.

To accentuate colours and the tiny size of the ceramics, Segawa often displays them in long, neat rows or arranged in scattered formation that allows for a subtle shift between warm and cool colours.

He has exhibited in Japan, China, UK, the Netherlands, Dubai, and India. His affordability has allowed many hundreds of private indivduals to collect his work. His ceramics are also held in the public collection of the University of The Arts, London.

Prices for individual pieces range from Less than £30 to £100.

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