His work exposes the raw, visceral identity of the human subconscious. He strips bare the protective facade of the seemingly mundane and ordinary, exposing our deepest fears attached to love, angst, sadness, alienation and identity.  Like voyeurs, we are happy to look in on the frailities of others but at the same time we are forced to confront the idea that, in essence, we are observing ourselves. This duality provokes both attachment and repulsion in equal measure.

I want to create emotively led art that speaks of the love, personal growth, anger, loss and the private confusions we all experience in our lives. Perhaps subversive, tender, malevolent, compassionate – the need to see raw human existence drives it all forwards.

Recent work has established strong humanistic themes such as social alienation, drug use, ageing and other wide ranging issues of identity disturbance. In 2012, Litten appeared as guest artist with a solo exhibition at L-13 LIGHT INDUSTRIAL WORKSHOP, London and in 2013 as guest artist in This Me of Mine exhibition and symposium discussing identity in the digital age. ID Smear, a solo exhibition took place in 2013 at MOTORCADE / FLASHPARADE, Bristol.

Prices for Andrew's work - from £3,000. For availability, please contact us
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